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Totally gonna get the Goto charm and the Okada dollar bill memo pad

Tanahashi has some great shirts, like the white High Fly Flow one and the Robin Mask one where he’s doing the AISHIMAS (sp) pose 

Very tempted to get the Kojima car sign (even though I don’t have a car), and the Taguchi “Funky Weapon” shirt (excellent conversation starter)

aaaaaah this is so cool

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Got these snazzy fuckers from Puroresushop.com today! They shipped all the way from Japan to me in Atlantic Canada!

Got the red Shinsuke “YeaOh!” shirt and the Kojima charm. Love ‘em already!

Next goal is to get merch for Goto and Okada, and maybe Tanahashi down the line!

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Rumble or Mania?

Trying to figure out which event I should go to next year.

Rumble being in Pennsylvania, I can get a direct flight from where I live to there, as well as seeing Raw the next night and hanging out there after.

Mania being in California, it’s a more circuitous route there, and would obviously involve more planning and money. There are all-inclusive packages for Mania that are rather expensive, but  include tix to Mania, Raw after Mania, HOF, Axxess, and all the whathaveyou.

What do you think? I’ve never seen a PPV live (I live in Atlantic Canada), and I now have a full-time job, so I can save for either.

Which one?

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