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jasonfnsaint asked: Bryan Danielson or Daniel Bryan?


While Bryan Danielson had terrific matches and was a top dog in an American company…

the story of Daniel Bryan is one I have been the most invested in during my time with wrestling. Same great guy, same great matches, but WAY more emotional stakes.

Yes. Yes. Yes.

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doomsday519 said: First time I saw him live was the last ROH TV Tapings here in Baltimore. He was facing Michael Elgin in a fantastic match.

Dude, that’s awesome!

My only complaint about the Styles/Daniels match we got is that it ended in a DQ, and we didn’t see one Styles Clash. 

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Kota Ibushi & Kenny Omega Unbox KinPuro!

Part 2
Part 3

The great Yottsume does it again, with a three-part KinPuro card unboxing featuring the Golden Lovers themselves, Ibushi and Omega! Kenny and Kota talk about behind-the-scenes in the NJPW Junior Heavyweight division, including their thoughts on Prince Devitt, Ricochet, The Young Bucks, and “Despy”!

Check out more of Yottsume’s videos HERE
Yottsume is on Twitter HERE and has a blog (with translations of New Japan interviews and press conferences) HERE

PuroresuShop.com is now open! Check it out for puro clothing and merchandise shipping to North America!

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